This morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Show we were discussing some of Jackie’s past work on TV when she made a shocking admission about her time on the reality show Popstars.

Jackie told us on air today that she didn’t actually get paid for the gig.

“I did pop stars for free too,” Jackie admitted. “I didn’t get paid for popstars”.

It all came about during Jackie’s O News segment, when we were discussing various celebrities working on Animation films.

Jackie spoke about her own experience, voicing a minor role in the animated film Robots with Robin Williams.

“I don’t even think I got paid,” she said about the film to start with. “I think you just do it for the fun. That’s when I should have got a manager.”

This is when Jackie then admitted that she also didn’t get paid for her work on the TV talent show that she was a host on, Popstars.


“Popstars the first series, which was the biggest one, I did that for free. No one even mentioned anything about money so I didn’t mention money,” she continued.

She said that instead they just gave her a daily allowance, which at the time Jackie was incredibly thankful for.

“And then I remember we were in Adelaide doing auditions, our first audition day, and you know how they hand out per diems, which is like your $60 a day,” Jackie recalled.

“They handed me this envelope, and I didn’t know what a per diem was but they were just handing out envelopes, and I opened it and I saw $67 in there and I went up to the executive director and gave him a big hug and said, ‘Thank you so much’.

“Because I was stoked that I was getting cash for spending money!”

Gosh Jackie was so innocent!


Popstars aired on the Seven Network in 2000 and is known for creating successful groups like Bardot with Sophie Monk.

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