You might call us cruel, but we have a rule here on the Kyle and Jackie O team… Anything for the content!

And boy did we get some good content out of poor, unsuspecting producer Jaimee (or Mayo as she’s more commonly known as).

You see, Mayo is getting married this weekend and it’s really been the talk of the whole office for the past couple of weeks.

Not only did she admit on air just yesterday that she’s practically spent her life savings on her big day – We’re talking a whopping $90K!! – but this whole week she’s been putting out fire after fire with things going wrong.

Now, while we felt for poor Mayo, we also saw the opportunity to play one of our epic Only Lying prank calls.

And so with the help of Jaimee’s fiance Seb, as well as a very convincing helper from the office to speak to Jaimee on the phone, we convinced her that her wedding venue had been double booked for this weekend.

But not to worry, the venue had come up with a solution! They were going to place a curtain between the two weddings in the marquee and let them share the PA system!


It’s safe to say, that our Mayo didn’t take it well!

Listen to the whole hilarious Only Lying in the video above!

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