Girls tend to think of their wedding dress as something rather sacred. Whether it be before the wedding or years after it’s taken place, the white gown is typically one of the most important possessions that a gal can own.

Not only are they usually incredibly expensive but they obviously hold a lot of emotional value, acting as a memory of the beautiful big day and as something that may even one day be passed down in the family.

With this being the case, you can imagine that if someone told you that they had gone and absolutely trashed your dress that you would be rather pissed off. And so when Elise heard that her sister Sophie had done just that, it’s safe to say that she exploded with pure rage.

In Another Kyle And Jackie O Only Lying One Listener Tells Her Sister She Used Her Wedding Dress For A Halloween Costume

Sophie had contacted Kyle and Jackie O asking to do a Halloween themed only lying on Elise in which she would tell her sister that she had borrowed her wedding dress to make a zombie bride Halloween costume.

To really make the scenario sound realistic, she would go on to say that she had won tickets to Kyle’s Halloween Party this Friday night, and so she needed to make sure she had an epic costume ready to go for the exclusive event.

Sophie basically told her sis that the dress was beyond repair after she had ripped up the fabric and poured fake blood over it. But not to worry, she did offer it up to Elise to borrow as a Halloween costume for any events she may have coming up!


And well, let’s just say it didn’t go down well in the slightest! Our favourite line? When Sophie tells Elise that it’s for Kyle’s party, Elise spits out, “Kyle f*cking Sandilands…”, with utter distain in her voice.

Watch the whole thing take place in the video above!

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