Everyone’s talking about Nick the Honey Badger Cummins at the moment but not really for the reasons he probably hoped for.

Every single person in Australia should know by now (because we haven’t really stopped talking about it) that Nick was our most recent and some might even say most controversial Bachelor after he picked none of the girls in the final rose ceremony, leaving the top two, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, and the rest of Australia heartbroken.

Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins Gives Sex Advice and it’s seriously odd

Ever since there’s been a bit of a media storm surrounding Nick, with A Current Affair even going as far as to follow him to Papua New Guinea with the hopes of hearing his side of the controversial Bachelor ending.

But what you might not know, and we wouldn’t really blame you since it’s been a bit overshadowed by the drama recently, is that Nick has actually released a book, ‘The Honey Badger Guide To Life’.

And you guessed it. It’s literally a book full of advice, written in that occa Honey Badger tongue.

The reason why you might not know all too much about it is because the badge decided to cancel all press surrounding the book after copping quite a bit of heat from his shocking Bachelor decision.


And so, with no one really talking about ‘The Honey Badger’s Guide To Life’ our executive producer Bruno decided to shed some light on the rather strange content of the book during his Top 3 segment this morning.

Bruno decided to have a bit of a flick through the book one day and what he discovered really is pure gold. There’s a whole chapter where Nick Cummins gives his readers advice about sex.

And let’s face it after seeing how much of a horn dog he appeared to be on the Bachie (*cough* Hot tub scene with Sophie *cough*), if anyone’s going to have great advice it’s him. Well that is if you can somehow manage to decipher it.

The chapter in question is called, The Badger’s Guide To The Bedroom, and to help is make sense of all of the Aussie slang involved we brought our resident Bogan, Meek Mitch, in studio to read it out.

From how to make every time good, to how to stop getting…there…too quickly, Nick gives his best tips on getting down and dirty. Hear the Honey Badger’s advice in the video above!

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