You may have noticed that Kyle and Jackie O were pretty keen to chat with our latest Bachelor, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, after the controversial end to his series. And finally it seemed we were going to get the chance to do so.

After releasing a book, ‘The Honey Badger Guide To Life’, Nick agreed to an interview with Kyle and Jackie and a number of other media outlets, and this was meant to occur on air this morning.

However, over the weekend we were given a small taste of the disappointment that the final two girls, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, must have felt when both of them were dumped in the socking last episode, as Nick let us down and cancelled all press.

Nick Cummins Cancels Interview With Kyle And Jackie O Amid The Bachelor Controversy

Of course at first we were quite disappointed by the news and Kyle made that clear when he found out that the interview had been cancelled on air this morning.

Kyle Reacts To Nick Cummins Cancelling All Interviews


“I’m excited for the Honey Badger today”, said Kyle during the show opener.

“No Honey Badger today”, replied Jackie, delivering the bad news. “I think he’s scared of how the public will act to him…I think he’s a bit shaken up by the whole thing.”

The statement released to us by Nick’s representatives stated that he wanted the book to be seen for it’s own merit rather than be caught up The Bachelor drama.

“The scheduled interview with Nick Cummins for his recently released book ‘The Honey Badger Guide To Life’ is unable to proceed. Nick has decided to delay the upcoming tour to promote his latest book as he would like to give the book the clean air it deserves.”

The only media that Nick didn’t cancel was an interview on Channel 10’s The Project last night, and he attempted to give further reasoning for cancelling his press while speaking with the Sunday edition’s host, Lisa Wilkinson.


“I think what’s most important right now is to put my life on hold, set it to one side and actually nut out what this is,” he said. “It’s gone on too far…I want people to know what it was like, how I was feeling and why I chose my decision.”

Kyle didn’t think The Honey Badger should be backing away from the controversy, saying that he should be riding the fame while it lasts.

“Some people are just not cut out to be celebrities,” he said. “This is where you soar my friend…This kid’s got no idea.”

But it wasn’t until later when we spoke exclusively with entertainment reporter Peter Ford about the inside goss on Nick Cummins, that we realised his reasoning for cancelling his book tour may have been more serious than we originally thought.

“He is in a very dark place. They are seriously worried about his mental health.”


Peter Ford told Kyle and Jackie O that he believed that the whole situation was negatively impacting Nick’s mental health.

“It is a serious situation. My information is that he is in a very dark place. They are seriously worried about his mental health,” revealed Peter. “That’s why the interview last night on the project could not go live…He might be more fragile than we think and this whole thing may have pushed him over the edge.”

Mr Ford continued to say that after watching Nick’s interview on The Project last night, he believed that The Honey Badger may have entered a dark place before the controversial finale even aired.

“What was interesting in the interview last night…is that he seems to be indicating that the ‘dark place’, the mental health issues, actually began during the filming of the show, which was five months ago, and it’s not really related to the blow back from not making a choice or getting cornered by A Current Affair,” added Peter.

“If he’s crook and he needs help then we’re on his side, but it does raise some very interesting questions,” he continued.

“Yes, it’s a pain in the arse that he’s cancelling all his radio and TV stuff…But if he’s in such a dark place and he couldn’t go live last night on The Project, where’s their duty of care? Why did they even put him on?”


Following the media scrutiny after he chose none of the girls in The Bachelor Finale, Nick Cummins went on to tell the Project last night that at times he has regretted that decision.

“I did question my decision, which it was a moment of darkness, a moment of weakness, where I should’ve just picked one of these awesome girls and avoided all of the crap,” said Nick. “And I snapped out of that and I said no, bull dust, stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Be honest. Be true to yourself. It’s best for her and best for me.”

We hope that Nick knows that while a lot of us become easily invested in shows like ‘The Bachelor’ and his controversial decision to choose no one has been a topic of discussion since it went to air, no one actually hates him.

Our thoughts are with him during this tough period and we truly hope he is doing okay.

If you or anyone you know is struggling you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.