The Kyle and Jackie O show newsreader Brooklyn Ross is about to be a reality TV star!

A couple of weeks back Brooklyn mentioned on air that he had signed on to take part in a reality dating show, but at the time he couldn’t dive any deeper into the details, leaving everyone to speculate.

Would Brooklyn be heading to the next Love Island? Would he be getting married on Married At First Sight? Heck, could our very own Brooklyn be the first ever gay Bachelor?!

Secrets Out! The Reality Dating Show Brooklyn Ross Will Appear On

But now the secrets out and we no longer have to speculate. Sadly, Brooklyn won’t be the next leading man on The Bachelor, but he has instead taken part in a new Channel 10 dating show, Blind Date!


Blind Date is a show that has only recently debuted on the network with the hilarious Julia Morris as the host and matchmaker. It sees one suitor (in this case Brooklyn) find their perfect match based simply on their personality rather than their looks.

The news was spilled on Kyle and Jackie O this morning when they were teasing that they would be speaking to Julia in the next break. Kyle was telling Jackie all about ‘Blind Date’ when she mentioned that Brooklyn would appear on it.

“Are we allowed to say yet Brooklyn? Yeah because Brooklyn’s going to be on that show. He’s going to be in an episode coming up,” said Jackie.

“I’ll be on in a few weeks,” added Brooklyn.

As the suitor, Brooklyn was presented three people as potential dates. While hidden behind a wall, the three had to answer questions about themselves before Brooklyn had to choose just one to take out.

While chatting with Julia Morris just after this announcement, she told us that Brooklyn had a great bunch to choose from!


“He gets to choose between three gorgeous guys,” said Julia. “All three of them are delicious.”

“There is a stand out one,” added Brooklyn.

Now we’re guessing that this “stand out” is the one that Brooklyn chooses to take on a date. But as for whether Brooklyn actually manages to find love, well we’ll just have to wait and see.


Blind Date airs on Monday Night’s on Channel 10 at 7:30pm! Stay tuned to see if Brooklyn has found the one! (If he hasn’t we’re going to be pushing for The Bachelor seriously…)

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