This morning when the Kyle and Jackie O show kicked off the show bright and early at 6am they revealed to our listeners that they had a big announcement coming up later in the show.

But it wasn’t anything to do with them. It was all to do with our newsreader Brooklyn Ross.

The announcement was said to be so huge that neither Kyle or Jackie had any idea what he was going to admit live on air.

Kyle and jackie o’s newsreader brooklyn ross makes a huge announcement live on air

Of course, being the curious bunch that they are, both Kyle and Jackie speculated and tried to get clues out of Brooklyn during the first hour of the show. Would Brooklyn be leaving the show? Did he have some health news to share?

But there is no way that they could have guessed what Brooklyn was going to say when we finally addressed his news.


“An opportunity has come up for me,” started Brooklyn before both Kyle and Jackie immediately interrupted. They clearly thought he was about to hand in his resignation. But this wasn’t the case in the slightest!

“Wait, wait,” continued Brooklyn. “An opportunity has come up for me to become a dad.”

Could Brooklyn ross be about to become a father? 

Kyle and Jackie were gobsmacked. Like we said, they never could have guessed what was coming. Basically Brooklyn had been at a wedding over the weekend when he got into a rather serious discussion with a girl he had been friends with for over twelve years.


“She’s got a baby, about a year old, but has just split up with the baby’s father,” explained Brooklyn. “And she wants another kid. And she’s 36 now so she sort of wants to do it soon.”

Brooklyn and his friend had been enjoying a few drinks, as you do at a wedding, when they got to talking about the possibility of them having a child together.

“I think the drinking sort of helped the conversation flow a bit…and we basically just came to the agreement that she wants a baby and I kind of do want one eventually. So why not do it soon?” he continued.

A few days later, since the dust has settled, Brooklyn has had a bit of time to think about this life changing decision and this morning he told us that he was unsure if he should go through with it or not.

“We talked about it the next day and we both were still keen on doing it but I haven’t raised it with her this week yet because I just want to think. I don’t know if I actually want to do it yet.”


Brooklyn explained that he wouldn’t just be donating his sperm to his friend but he would be playing an active role in the possible child’s life.

While he hasn’t admitted it on air before, Jackie did say that Brooklyn had expressed interest in having a child to her multiple times.

He also said this morning that he feels like he is ready and in a financial situation to do so, but there are still some factors that are raising doubts for him.

For instance, the possible mother actually lives in Canberra, meaning his relationship with his possible child would be long distance.

He also questioned whether this was the right time for him to make such a life changing decision when he hasn’t completed other life goals such as purchasing his first home.

And so we opened up the question to our listeners. Should Brooklyn make this big step and become a father?


Most messages that we have received so far, whether it be through social media or callers, have told Brooklyn that the greatest gift you can ever have is a child and to absolutely go through with it.

But some others told him to be cautious and that he needed to have serious discussions before deciding.

What do you think? Should Brooklyn move forward with this family venture? Let us know in the comments!

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