You might not believe that it’s possible for people in the 21st Century to believe that the earth is flat. After all, by now we have a great deal of scientific evidence to prove that the earth is a round, sphere, that’s pretty hard to argue with.

However, there are a select few out there who identify as ‘Flat Earthers’ who genuinely believe that our planet is flat and that all evidence of earth being round is a conspiracy formed by government organisations.

And it just so happens that the latest person to come forward as a flat earth believer is a celebrity.

We started out the morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show having a bit of a laugh at this latest celeb who claimed that the earth was flat, but we later discovered that someone in our own team had previously made similar claims!

Kyle and jackie o newsreader brooklyn ross claims the earth is flat

It all began in Jackie’s O News segment when she brought up that YouTuber Logan Paul had attended a Flat Earth Conference where he admitted to believing that the Earth is flat.


“I’m not ashamed to say, My name’s Logan Paul and I’m coming out of the flat earth closet,” he was heard saying at the conference.

Of course Jackie, Beau and newsreader Brooklyn had a bit of a laugh after listening to the audio but just a short time later it came to our attention that our very own Brooklyn had actually made similar claims in the past.

And so of course we decided to confront our newsreader about it live on the air.


“Apparently Brooklyn, you called a radio station once and were trying to convince them that the earth was flat,” Jackie explained later in the show.

Brooklyn tried to act coy but we had the audio to prove it. During a radio program over in Darwin, Brooklyn had called up under the fake name Marcus, claiming to be flat earth conspiracy theorist.

“The Earth is obviously flat,” Brooklyn was heard saying in the resurfaced audio. “That’s the first thing you would have thought when you are a baby, right?”

The radio presenter didn’t agree with his claims, but Brooklyn continued his argument.

“Have you ever seen the shape of Australia with your own eyes that’s not been on a map? How do you know it looks like that? How do you know that we’re here?”

“I don’t believe what we’re being told, mate. If you believe what the government tells us, you’re a bloody idiot! You’re a fool,” he continued.


Jackie was in disbelief after hearing the audio, but Brooklyn was quick to defend himself, saying that he had only been acting as a crazy conspiracy theorist as a joke and that he didn’t really believe the things he had said.

“The guy that’s on that radio show is a great friend of mine and wanted someone to call up and pretend to be a nutcase,” Brooklyn said.

Well good acting job there Brooklyn! You definitely had us fooled.