Reality TV star Nasser from the latest season of Married At First Sight, rap king-wannabe, attention seeker, whatever you want to call him, has gone and done it again!

While we all know that he’s been on a long-winded mission to get himself the highly coveted Blue Tick sign of celebrity verification on Instagram, having gone on massive rants at the social media company and even released a song about it, he’s now taken his quest for celeb status to the next level…

…By attempting to enlist the help of an actual mega celebrity to try and increase his time in the spotlight.

Nasser From MAFS Has Asked Taylor Swift To Collaborate On His Next Track And Oh Lord

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Nasser told us that he’s loved dabbling in the music industry and has decided that his next track should be a collaboration with a star.


So what has he done? Nasser has gone and hit up none other than Taylor Swift while she’s here in Sydney, asking to do a bloody song together. And we seriously have no words.

“I did a shout out to Taylor Swift and I wanted to show her around Sydney,” he explained. “And also I wanted to have a chance to maybe do a collaboration on a song or something.”

Nasser went on to say that because his first rap single, which in case you missed it made our ears bleed as he auto tuned his voice to rap to the tune of 5SOS’ Youngblood, was so “successful” that he should step it up for his next one.

Thankfully we can say with absolute certainty that Tay Tay has definitely not agreed to any such collaboration so your ears are safe for the time being. But we don’t think Nasser is one to quit easily and he’ll likely keep hitting up stars until one of them eventually agrees to help him out…


Lord help us when they do!

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