Nasser Sultan from 2018’s season of Married At First Sight is back. But don’t worry he hasn’t released another song. Although we’re still trying to decide whether his musical career or this latest venture is more cringe-worthy.

Following multiple publicity stunts on social media, including his woeful ’Blue Tick’ song, his videos slamming Instagram for not providing him with the highly coveted blue tick and of course the photos of him charging people at Bondi beach for a selfie, Nasser has come up with his next fame grab.

Turns out Nasser wants to be hired out for your work or family Christmas party! For a fee of course. Posting a video to his Instagram account dressed in a pretty terrible Santa suit, the reality TV star showed himself at Bondi offering his services and handing out candy canes.

Nasser From Married At First Sight Wants You To Hire Him For Your Christmas Party

“Ho! Ho! Ho! If you want a top celebrity for your christmas party or home dinner or family get together I’m available,” says Nasser in the video.


Apparently he’s charging $2000 per appearance (ya know because of his “top celebrity” status) so if you’re looking for someone to entertain, help hand out presents, or dress up as Santa at your party you know who to message we guess.

When we saw the video here at the KIIS studios, Kyle and Jackie O decided to call up Nasser and ask him what the heck is going on with this next venture.

“It all started two weeks ago,” Nasser explained to us. “I was booked to do a gay engagement party at a garden at someone’s house.

“So I turned up at Drummoyne and I thought you know what, why not pimp myself out? Why not get myself out there and give some cheer and give presents out to people?”

Nasser reckons that since posting his video to his Instagram account (which in case you were wondering, STILL has no blue tick), he has been hit up so many times that he’s now booked solid!


“I did this video and I swear to God I am booked out,” he continued.

But Nasser’s willing to open up his schedule if a celebrity party ends up opening up. He told us that he really wants to work an upcoming Aussie celeb’s wedding.

“Listen, Karl Stefanovic’s wedding is happening apparently this weekend So I’d love to turn up there,” Nasser said.

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We unfortunately had to break the news to him that the Wedding’s happening in Mexico(although we don’t think distance is the reason why he wouldn’t be invited to this event)…But he wasn’t all too upset because Kyle had a better offer for him.


“Imogen’s doing a girls trip to Byron,” said Kyle. “What if I paid you to go there and hand out candy canes to the girls.”

We don’t think Nasser could’ve agreed quick enough! He said he’d go and film it all and post it to his socials.

Well we’ll certainly be waiting on the edge of our seats for that one…

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