The OC was one of the most iconic series of the noughties and so it’s only natural for us all to assume or at least hope that one day it will get a reboot.

Especially seeing as one of The OC’s leading ladies, Mischa Barton, who starred as ‘It Girl’ Marissa Cooper, has already signed on for another classic show’s reboot.

But will The OC follow in the footsteps of The Hills: New Beginnings? Mischa spoke about the idea with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

A listener called up the show this morning to ask Mischa the question.

“If the OC were to do a reboot, would you appear as a cameo?” the listener asked.


Jackie was quick to jump in on the answer, reminding the mega fan that Mischa’s character, Marissa, actually died during the original series.

“Well she died, but they can always bring back the dead in shows,” Jackie said.

In case you need a refresher of one of the most tragic moments in OC history, Marissa Cooper died in her boyfriend Ryan’s arms after a serious car crash at the end of season 3.

But it seems Jackie might be right! Even an onscreen death isn’t enough to keep Mischa away from the possibility of a reboot!


“I was just about to say that. If it wasn’t such a soap drama I would say she couldn’t come back from the dead,” Mischa began.

“But hey, you never know. Keep the dream alive.”

Yep Aussies know better than anyone (thanks to shows like Neighbours and Home and Away) that soaps can 100% bring back dead characters in some pretty unbelievable ways!

Fingers crossed for an OC reboot and possibly even one that could include a Marissa/Ryan reunion! (OMG…)

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