Hollywood ‘It Girl’ Mischa Barton joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat all things The OC and of course to give us all the goss on the very exciting reboot of The Hills.

The Hills: New Beginnings kicks off it’s first episode next week and all we really know about it is the cast that has signed on and the fact that there’s going to be TONS of drama.

Although after our chat with Mischa, we have a feeling that the drama might just have something to do with her and her relationship with another certain cast member!

Firstly, Mischa told us about why she chose to sign up for The Hills reboot, having not been a part of the original series. And what was really surprising was the fact that she’d never actually watched the show herself!

“I never watched it. I’ve known the guys for a long time. I’ve seen them around at parties and events and stuff,” Mischa told us.


“But to be honest, I was the last person to join on and I wasn’t even sure that it was something that I wanted to do. It took quite a bit of convincing and probably I would say three months of thinking about it.

“And I think the thing that pushed me over the edge was like, this is the funnest of all the reality shows and it’s not so dramatic, over the top. Everybody really does get along and have families now… I liked that aspect of it.”

While Mischa appeared to like the “no drama” aspect of The Hills, the trailer for the reboot begs to differ, teasing us with plenty of goss.

And based on what Mischa said next, we have a slight feeling that maybe some of that drama has to do with her and resident bad boy, Justin Bobby!

One of our listeners asked Mischa who she was most nervous to meet when starting out on the show – the answer being Heidi and Spencer – but Jackie admitted she would’ve been nervous to meet Justin Bobby.



“You know who I would’ve been the most nervous to meet? Justin Bobby,” Jackie said.

“He is so easy to deal with though,” Mischa replied.

“Is he? Has he changed? Because back in the day he was not a good guy,” Jackie added.

“Well, yeah, no, you’ll have to watch the show,” Mischa said slyly.

“Oh god, don’t tell me you hook up with him Mischa?” Kyle asked.

To which Mischa answered only with absolute silence!


“Oh well, she’s not saying anything,” Jackie pointed out.

OMG! Could Mischa and Justin Bobby be the new thing on The Hills? Come on Mischa… Don’t you know that homeboy wore combat boots to the beach?!


We guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

Hear our full chat with Mischa Barton in the podcast below!


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