It was one of the most heart wrenching TV deaths of the noughties – the moment that Mischa Barton’s character on the OC, Marissa Cooper, was killed when the car she was in crashed and rolled.

We’re talking, literally on-par with when Melissa was killed on Packed to The Rafters (still haven’t forgiven them for that one btw…)

In case you need a refresher of the moment we’re talking about, it all went down in the final episode of season three on the OC.

Marissa and Ryan had been driving when they car tumbled down an embankment, leaving them trapped inside.

Ryan managed to get himself and Marissa’s body out of the wreckage just moments before it went up in flames, but sadly it was too late. Marissa took her last breath in his arms and the hearts of OC fans everywhere broke simultaneously.


So what did Mischa think about having her character killed off a whole season before the show wrapped up? A listener asked her exactly that this morning.

Turns out, she didn’t hate it at all. In fact, she thought it was necessary for the progression of the show.

“I wanted to give the fans an opportunity to have Marissa go out in a way that felt very Marissa Cooper,” Mischa said.

“I just feel like there’s so many times when a character goes away and then they come back, or this and that, and we need to ramp up the drama.

“I know it’s sad,” Mischa continued. “But it was the appropriate thing to do. The other option of sailing off into the sunset just didn’t feel right… It’s one of those memorable TV endings so I feel like we made the right decision.”

But in saying that, Mischa certainly isn’t completely ruling out having her character come back in some way for a possible OC reboot!


Find out about all that and more in our full chat with Mischa in the podcast below!

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