Mischa Barton’s character on The OC, Marissa Cooper, was honestly a style icon!

As Jackie told her this morning when Mischa joined the Kyle and Jackie O show ahead of The Hills: New Beginnings premiere, Marissa really made Channel bags cool again amongst the younger generation.

But not too long ago a little rumour came out saying that the bags used by Mischa’s character were actually designer knock-offs!

The claims were made by the former costume designer for the show who said that she had to source cheap and fake Chanel bags because the budget for the show was so low at first.

“Those Chanel bags that [Marissa] carried, those weren’t something I could have on my budget,” costume designer Alexandra Welker told Page Six last year.


“But I found this amazing store in Downtown LA that sold the best-looking fakes I had ever seen so we used some really, really good knockoffs!”

When asked about the rumour on air this morning, Mischa told us that she knew for certain that Chanel made a deal with the OC during the later seasons and that these certainly weren’t fakes.

But she admitted that this might have been true earlier on in the show.

“I don’t know who started that rumour but I’ve heard it and honestly Chanel was throwing stuff at us by the second season,” Mischa said.

“But I don’t know if maybe that got started because a lot of the background, in the first season, some of it was more faked. (sic)

“But I don’t know who started that rumour because it’s not true… We had Carte blanche whatever we wanted, from Chanel.”


Mischa’s character Marissa would often be seen heading to school with a different Chanel bag in tow. Mischa told us today that she thought the look was important in portraying who Marissa was to the audience.

“When I was forming the character I thought, well, what do girls to Country Clubs really wear? And I was like, ‘Oh we need Tennis skirts and Chanel bags and pearls and we’re just going to have fun with this’,” Mischa concluded.

Hear our full chat with Mischa Barton in the podcast below!

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