This morning the internet practically broke after it was announced that a very surprising couple from this season of Married At First Sight is already expecting a baby.

According to NW Magazine, the former virgin Matthew and his wife from the show Lauren are pregnant with their first child.

The publication even quoted an interview with Queensland based videographer Matt, saying that he couldn’t be more excited for this journey into fatherhood.

“An article has just come out in New Weekly that says that Matt the virgin from Married At First Sight and his partner Lauren are having a baby,” Jackie revealed during her O News.

“On the picture, he’s got his arms wrapped around her tummy, he’s sort of standing from behind…and they’ve quote Matt as saying, ‘This is way beyond anything that I could’ve expected or hoped for. I feel like being a dad is the opportunity to help build someone better than me’.”


But even so, we aren’t quite ready to say that we 100% believe these reports. After all, gossip mags don’t always prove to be completely truthful.

And so Kyle and Jackie O decided to get their detective caps on and try to get to the bottom of the rumour.

The first thing that stood out as suss to us was that the publicists over at the show aren’t letting Lauren or Matt talk to the press (trust us, we’ve tried SERIOUSLY hard to get them on here at the Kyle and Jackie O Show) and so we get the feeling that they’re trying to keep something hush, hush.

“Channel Nine refuse to allowed Matt the virgin to do any interviews,” Kyle said.

“What’s wrong with just putting them on and saying ‘Oh no it’s not true’,” Jackie added.

But of course we don’t follow the rules here, and so we decided to call their mobile phones directly. But this also brought up nothing. We called Matt’s mobile number first, but it rang out. We then tried Lauren, but it went straight to voicemail.


So unfortunately our super-sleuthing skills couldn’t uncover the truth about the pregnancy rumours. BUT we did find out something rather interesting…

Our Executive Producer Palestine revealed that Lauren and Matt have actually been “banned” from speaking to one another.

“Guys, here’s some inside goss. We’ve been told that Lauren and Matt are not allowed to talk to each other,” she revealed. “They’ve been separated.”

“Apparently they’ve had no contact. They’re not allowed to have contact with each other,” Palestine continued. “I don’t know if it’s Nine [that’s enforcing this] but something weird is happening.

“They used the word ‘banned’,” she concluded.


See, we told you something weird is going on here. If they really are expecting a child together, why would they not be allowed to contact each other?

All we know for sure is that they weren’t lying when they said that this season of MAFS will be bigger and better than ever. We’re seriously hungry for more!

And apparently things just get MORE dramatic on tonight’s episode (if that’s possible). Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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