It was teased that one of the experts was going to lose it at one of the Married At First Sight contestants during the first commitment ceremony last night but we here at the Kyle and Jackie O Show certainly weren’t expecting it to go down the way that it did.

In the advertisements leading up to the explosive episode, expert Melissa Schilling was seen telling off one of the cast members for their sexist language.

Now we don’t know about you, but we assumed going into it that the person on the receiving end of this stripping down would be our runaway groom Sam, who didn’t appear to really care that he’d hurt his partner Elizabeth’s feelings but not contacting her for a week.

But that’s not at all what happened. And TBH Australia has been loosing their absolute sh*t over the real blow up.

ICYMI, although we kinda doubt that anyone isn’t keeping up to date with the episodes, one of the grooms Bronson finally fought back against his bully of a wife, Ines.

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Honeymoon is over #MAFS

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During their time on the couch in the commitment ceremony, Bronson was expressing his frustration at just how awful Ines had been to her when he dropped the C-bomb.

“When we did the questionnaire thing, Ines was amazing that night. Like really loved her to pieces that night,” Bronson said during the episode. “Next morning, the hulk come out.”

The next part was beeped out but you could pretty much assume the word that Bronson had used.

“I’m not calling her a c*** I’m justing saying she acts like a c***,” he concluded.

And while Ines has used some pretty disgusting language to describe Bronson across the past few episodes, it was only at this point that expert Mel decided to step in.

“Bronson, when you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you?” Mel asked. “A tip from me to you; Don’t use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman.”

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A tip from Mel… #MAFS

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Australia was divided by this reaction. While some thought that it was completely inappropriate for Bronson to stoop to Ines’ level and use that sort of language, others thought that it was a bit of double standards were sticking up for him.

Here at the Kyle and Jackie O show, we certainly had some thoughts following the episode. During our MAFS recap with James Weir, Kyle and Jackie expressed their opinion on Bronson’s blow up.

(And just FYI, from this point on the word ‘cantaloupe’ will be used in place of the C-bomb just to keep things a bit cleaner.)

“But it’s true,” Kyle said.


“That’s the thing, she totally is really cantaloupey,” added James Weir. “And when he said that she just shrugged and was like, ‘You’re just figuring this out now?’.”

“I think, when they edited this show months ago they thought, ‘Oh Australia’s going to hate that. You can’t call a woman a cantaloupe’. And Australia’s going, ‘Yes you can. We’re Australia. You can call anyone a cantaloupe!’,” he added.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Ines and don’t get why it’s hard to feel sorry for her at this point, in the time that she’s been married to Bronson, she’s likened him to a trash can, called him inbred and belittled his appearance.

“Sometimes with people like Ines, you just can’t unpack them. Some people are just terrible people,” explained James Weir. “And like something’s happened in their childhood and they feel really hard done by in life so they lash out and act like this.”

As for expert Mel sticking up for Ines by saying that a man will never be able to make a relationship work by using that kind of language, Kyle said that he completely disagreed.


“I disagree. I’ve used that regularly at my place. All the time,” Kyle admitted.

“Well Australia then decided Mel was out of line,” added Jackie.

“They decided Mel Schilling was a giant cantaloupe. And they start throwing cantaloupe’s at Mel Schilling. They were like, ‘The only thing shocking about last night is not that Bronson called Ines a cantaloupe it’s that Mel Schilling think’s Ines isn’t a cantaloupe’,” said James.

“Producers really were tone deaf with that one. They did not predict that happening,” he concluded.

“Feel the mood of this country. We use that as punctuation here in the traffic, describing each other, we use it in the bedroom, we use it when we’re fighting with each other,” Kyle added.

Well, no matter how you feel about the C-Bomb debacle last night, we have no doubt that everyone is super eager to see what happens next!


Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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