If there’s one thing you don’t want you wife’s family to find out about it’s definitely the fact that you have a sex tape floating around with another woman.

But when you put yourself out there on a highly popular reality TV show it’s going to be pretty hard to keep these kinds of skeletons in the closet.

This situation is currently a reality for Married At First Sight’s Nic after it was revealed a few weeks ago now that an x-rated tape of his that was with a woman other than his onscreen wife Cyrell, had been brought to light.

And today, Cyrell’s brother Ivan absolutely SLAMMED him live on the Kyle and Jackie O show for it.

Nic joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about last night’s episode of Married At First Sight when Ivan decided to gatecrash.

“I couldn’t care less about Nic,” Ivan said. “Not interested in Nic. Never have been from the start.”

Now Nic and Ivan have never gotten along, as clearly demonstrated by Ivan’s not so kind words above, but when Kyle brought up Nic’s sex tape Ivan was sent over the edge.


“Now I don’t know if you’ve seen Nic’s sex tapes that have been pouring out of Newcastle,” Kyle said.

Nic tried to explain himself, saying that he felt terrible for the woman involved.

“It’s from three years ago,” Nic said. “And the worst part is, the girl, I feel sorry for her. For her face to mostly be going around is the issue.”

This is when Ivan cut in.

“You took the video in the first place,” Ivan interjected. “I think out of respect you don’t take videos of what you do sexually with a girl.”

“It’s 2019 Ivan, it’s a thing that people do for fun and they look back on,” Nic replied.


“But three years ago, you’re saying three years ago, it’s strange that you’ve still got it. Wouldn’t you have deleted it by now?” Ivan said.

“But obviously that’s your character, that’s for you to answer not myself.”

Ouch! We don’t think these two are ever going to get along…

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Later on in the chat, Nic touched base further on the sex tape scandal saying that it was something that he regrets.


“I just wanted to touch base on that sex tape, you know that is something from a few years ago. It wasn’t something I’m proud of,” Nic said.

He went on to reference a comment that he made during the tape, which allegedly mentioned being in a marriage.

“The comment that was made, a very unfortunate comment which was about her in her marital position because she was going through a divorce,” he continued.

“I said, ‘It’s a tough life being married’ and it’s come back to haunt me.”

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