Kyle and Jackie O got straight into the tough questions while chatting with Tamara Joy from this season of Married At First Sight this morning.

While the rest of Australia is talking about the affair between Tam’s now ex-hubby Daniel Webb and fellow MAFS contestant Jessika Power, Kyle wanted to take us back to one of the earlier episodes when Tam and Dan first entered the experiment.

If you cast your memory back to the pair’s honeymoon, things became pretty awkward for viewers when Dan appeared to keep trying to “get it on” with Tamara.

During their first commitment ceremony together we found out that she’d caved in and the pair had consummated the marriage while away, after expert Trish questioned them about their intimacy.

But soon after, we never really saw anymore intimacy between Tamara and Daniel, as his attention quickly became focused on his affair with Jess.

And so of course this morning, Kyle wanted to know whether Tamara felt like Dan had used her for sex.


“Do you think he just used you for sex in the beginning?” Kyle asked. “Because you guys started out all good and it drifted away.”

“As soon as the sex happened it sounded like it just went down hill from there,” Jackie added.

Tamara told us that she had no idea that Dan had been messing around with Jess so at the time it wasn’t too obvious that he had been using her. But having now watched the episodes back she seemed to take a different opinion.

“Yeah, well basically I’m watching it just like you guys are obviously,” Tamara said. “It is pretty apparent that he just really wanted to hit it and quit it!”

OH DAMN! But also all of us at home thought the same thing…


She went on to explain that at the time, she was trying to work out whether there was any relationship chemistry between them and that’s why she gave in.

“Pretty much, so I mean we’d had a few drinks and I was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it, let’s see’,” Tam continued.

As for how the chemistry ended up being between them, Kyle of course wanted to know whether the sex had been any good or not.

“A lady never kisses and tells right?” Tamara said.

All class in this woman! Although it didn’t work out for her on MAFS we hope she finds her perfect match sometime soon!