She left Married at First Sight last night, and this morning, Married at First Sight’s Elizabeth came to chat to Kyle and Jackie O and boy, did she spill the tea!

Elizabeth, who’s known for being in the center of the Ines, Sam and Bronson ‘square’, let it rip when it came to her ‘husband’ Sam.

She said that Sam was a completely different person when the cameras weren’t rolling.

‘We did a lot of nice things together and the cameras would role and it would be this whole big change,’ she told Kyle and Jackie O.

When Kyle asked her what she put it down to, Elizabeth said:


‘Sam is a very different individual.’


Naturally, Kyle kept  digging and asked Elizabeth if things ever heated up in the bedroom.

‘Any pressing up? Any hard ons?’ Kyle asked?

‘Yes!’ Elizabeth said.

Watch the full video at the top of the page to see what else she had to say about Sam, sex and the whole cheating saga!


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