Grab yourself a mug guys, the piping hot MAFS tea has just been spilled!!

Last night on Married At First Sight at a drama filled commitment ceremony we saw one of our favourite couples this season, Nic and Cyrell, chose to leave the experiment.

But this doesn’t mean that we’ve heard the last of Cyclone Cyrell, as she’s quickly come to be known following her explosive behaviour on the reality TV show.

Cyrell Paule was known as the contestant who was never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself or what she thought was right during her time on the show. She was the one who said what us watching at home were all thinking.

And this continued today during her tell all interview with Kyle and Jackie O.

While it was reported last week that Cyrell had been stopped from doing any press by producers of MAFS, Cyrell wouldn’t let this stop her from getting her side of the story out in the open.


She joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about her husband Nic, what has happened since she left the show, and all of the rumours surrounding their relationship. She also answered your listener questions.

And as expected, the information that we found out was JUICY!!

Hear Cyrell’s full tell-all interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video above. (Trust us, you’ll need the popcorn for this one!)

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Cyrell From MAFS Takes Your LIstener Questions

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