Everyone loves getting a massage because seriously what’s not to love about it. It’s relaxing, rejuvenating and just that quiet ‘me time’ that we all need every now and again.

But when we had a male masseuse on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning we were shocked to hear that there is actually so much that we don’t know about the industry. Such as just how common it is for massages to result in the request for a “happy ending”.

Alex the masseuse called up Jackie and Beau Ryan this morning, who was filling in for Kyle while he was off sick, and he revealed that nearly fifty percent of massages that he performs result in a person asking for a little bit extra.

“Percentage wise, how many people would ask for a favour at the end?” asked Beau. “Lots…I would say probably like forty five to fifty percent,” revealed Alex.

“Everyone asks. So you get the people that ask you pretty directly. They go, ‘Look will this be involved? Will there be like a happy ending?’ All that kind of stuff,” he continued.

“Forty five percent asking for something? That’s a lot,” exclaimed Jackie.

“That forty five per cent, part of it is in the moment on the table, that’s probably a lesser number, it’s really the ones that phone you,” said Alex.


Both Jackie and Beau were incredibly shocked at this statistic! Who knew it was that common? But of course, they were very intrigued…

“When a girl asks for a happy ending, not to be graphic, but what do you do?” asked Jackie.

“Look it’s really just whatever they want. It could be like nipple kind of thing or down there or she would like to give me a happy ending,” explained Alex. “That’s probably the easiest way to explain it.”

But the thing that was shocking most of all was the fact that it’s not always strangers that ask Alex to perform more than just a casual rub down while on the table. He told us that he’s had his friend’s girlfriends actually try something with him while getting a massage.

“The moment just goes from massage to intimate,” explained Alex. “One example is she was lying on her back and she’s got towels on her…but I’m doing like the top of her chest, he shoulders, back of the neck, that sort of stuff.

“And in that particular instance she’s I guess thrown her hands up, she grabbed the back of my head and then brought me in for a kiss.”


Wow Alex must seriously have some sort of magical technique if he’s getting this many people begging for some action from him… Hear more of his career confidential secrets in the video above!