Fans of the reality TV show Love Island are probably satisfying their need for the drama-filled show at the moment by watching the UK version currently streaming on 9Now.

And we have to admit, if you’re not watching it, you should be! It’s honestly the right amount of trashy-tv that we need in out lives at the moment.

But if this new info is anything to go by, it seems that the highly anticipated second season of the Australian series is set to be even BETTER than the UK version!

While we don’t yet know when the Aussie version of the show will start airing again, Kyle and Jackie O have heard that they’ve begun the casting from our Love Island insider.

And no, we aren’t talking about Sophie Monk this time around… We have ANOTHER LI insider, only Kyle and Jackie O fans would know him as Dr KIIS!


That’s right, the guy who takes all your weird and whacky medical calls on the Kyle and Jackie O show is also the resident doctor for the Love Island contestants and today during his segment he spilled the beans on season two of the show.

“I’ve had a fantastic couple of nights,” Dr KIIS dished to us on air this morning. “The casting tour for Love Island has kicked off.

Not only is he the resident doctor on hand for the contestants, but Dr KIIS’ wife is also in charge of casting for Love Island! And he says that this season is going to be GOOD if the people applying are anything to go by!

“The Mrs is doing the casting, she’s away next week and we have been going through all of the candidates,” he continued.

“How are they looking?” Kyle asked.

“Twice as good as last year,” Dr KIIS replied.


“Mostly looks, because they haven’t actually sort of really sat down and had a chat with them. So mostly looks, but hot as. Both the guys and the girls. And some interesting characters seeming to come through.”

Jackie then mentioned that she’s been watching the Love Island UK version but Dr KIIS seems to be adamant about the fact that our Aussie one will be SO much better!

“Oh no, sh*ts all over them,” he said.

As we said before, no word yet on when Love Island Australia will actually start airing, but as you know with this show, none of it is filmed beforehand! In fact, it pretty much happens in real time.


So if the casting is underway now, we’d say that we only have a few months tops of waiting left to do!

Bring it on!

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