One Direction has secured a LOT of fan girls around the world because for a long time the would “light up our life like nobody else” with their catchy pop music and boy band dance moves.

Ever since the band broke up and the boys went their separate ways to work on their solo careers, 1D fans have been praying for them to get back together and release new music.

And by the sounds of it, our prayers may actually be answered! (At some point in the future that is)

Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson joined Kyle and Jackie O when he spoke about the possibility of the gang getting back together.

“Do you still keep in touch with the One D boys at all and any talk of reuniting to release new music in the future?” Kyle asked. “Fill us in. What’s happening there?”

Louis told us that he definitely keeps in touch with the boys and they’re all very proud about each other succeeding in their solo careers.

“Absolutely yeah, we all keep in contact you know what I mean, the lads sent me some messages,” Louis said.


“I’ve had a text from all the lads actually about the song so that was really nice.”

Louis then revealed that they may actually follow in the footsteps of The Jonas Brothers and release new music in the future because he feels that they owe it to their major fan base.

“And in terms of getting back together…at some point obviously,” Louis continued. “Like you know what I mean, we’ve got a lot of people that we owe it to really. So I think everyone’s on the same page now. We’re all just doing our own thing.”

*Cue shrieks from every One Directioner everywhere*


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this happen boys! And soon!

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