Being a documentary filmmaker, Louis Theroux has seen some pretty eyeopening things in his days behind the camera. Especially during the making of his latest film, ‘Love Without Limits’.

In this latest project, Louis explores the ins and outs (no puns intended…) of polyamorous relationships by travelling to Portland, Oregon, the polyamorous capital of the US, to find out just how these open and non-monogamous relationships work.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning on the air, Louis explained what sort of things we can expect to see in ‘Love Without Limits’ and just how complex these types of relationships can be for some people.

Louis Theroux Describes What It’s Really Like Having Sex In A Polyamorous ‘Throuple’ Relationship 

Louis began by explaining what exactly the concept of polyamory is and how it differs from monogamy or other acts of being with multiple partners such as swinging.

“It’s ethical non-monogamy. It’s the practice of pursuing multiple relationships with the consent of all people,” he said.


“Unlike swinging, which is about sex, polyamory is about relationships that include the physical side but it’s supposed to be about really emotional as well as romantic elements.”

But while polyamory isn’t always about the physical side of things, Louis went on to say that this is actually sometimes the area where most groups see difficulties or issues open up in their relationship.

He explained this to Kyle and Jackie O by using the example of three people in a polyamorous relationship, or what they call a ‘throuple’, that appear in his documentary.

“I heard there was the three people that were together, so the throuple…so two guys and a girl, and is it true one of the guys, when they would all have sex together, because he was always the first to finish, he would have a problem…that he would have to then watch the other two keep going,” said Jackie.

Louis explained that it was quite common when two guys are involved in the throuple for one to finish before the other. And because of the awkward or weird things that can occur from this, they may choose to stop having sex as a group.

“He didn’t express it as a problem, what he said was this was why they stopped have three-ways, was because the other guy in the relationship, Bob, would last a long time,” explained Louis.


“Nick would finish, Bob and Amanda would still be going at it, Nick would go down stairs and make a sandwich, play a video game, go back upstairs and Bob would still be doing it.”

Well there’s one way to ruin your manhood if ever you’ve heard one… But it can get slightly worse if that’s possible.

“And also he said it was a little bit awkward because in a three-way he’d sometimes be going at it and then his eyes would meet Bob’s eyes,” continued Louis. “So they basically now, although they all sleep in the same bed, they take turns.”

Gosh aren’t relationships complicated enough without getting multiple people involved? WHatever floats your boat we guess…

While both Kyle and Jackie were fascinated by the story, they definitely expressed that this whole polyamorous thing wasn’t their cup of tea in the slightest. 

You can watch Louis Theroux’s documentary ‘Love Without Limits’ when it hits cinemas on November 30th.


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