Kyle and Jackie O know more than anyone that working on a show with a co-host is exactly like being in a relationship. The term work wife and work hubby couldn’t be more appropriate here.

Having worked together for almost 20 years, Kyle and Jackie fight like a married couple, are there for each other whenever they need a helping hand and know everything there is to know about each other.

And so we assumed that the circumstances would be the same for co-hosts of The Morning Show on Channel Seven, Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

Larry and Kylie joined us in studio this morning for a chat and so we decided to test just how close they are with a round of ‘Cost Of Love’.

The way it works is that we pre-recorded a bunch of questions with Kylie before asking Larry the same questions live on air. Larry had to try and get the same answers as Kylie.


Jackie explained that it’s a game that we usually only play with couples but having worked together for nearly 12-years, Larry and Kylie were pretty much on the same level as any long-term relationship.

Turns out that the guys do know a lot about each other, including their deepest and darkest secrets, so we definitely found out some juicy info.

One thing that Larry revealed to us was the most wild thing that Kylie has ever done at a work event.

“What’s the wildest thing Kylie has done at a work party?” Jackie asked.


Larry thought about it before telling us about the time that Kylie got a bit carried away and started dancing on tables!

“She loves a dance on a table,” Larry said. “A table dancer.”

“Has she done this often or is there a specific party?” Jackie asked.

“I’ll have to go through my photos to see exactly how many times,” Larry laughed.

Kylie’s answer was a match, but it turns out there was one specific time that Kylie mentioned in her answer.

“Larry better not answer this because there is a strict non-disclosure on nocturnal happenings on The Morning Show,” Kylie said. “But let me just say, Nashville.”


Well oops, looks like Larry gave the secret away Kylie! The table dancing incident that Kylie was referring to was a time that things got a little bit rowdy with the team, or as she described it, things got a little “Coyote Ugly”.

“Dancing and singing,” Larry said. “We were all running around singing.

“We went a bit Coyote Ugly,” Kylie added. “A little bit of Zac Brown.”

Kyle and Larry then proceeded to break out in song and give us a little demonstration of how their big night went… And my gosh we bet there were some sore heads after that one!

Hear Kylie and Larry’s full game of ‘Cost Of Love’ in the video above!

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