These days we can’t imagine Kyle with anyone other than his gorgeous girlfriend Imogen Anthony, but according to Kyle he could’ve easily ended up with someone else had things been a little different…A very FAMOUS someone else.

We were reminiscing on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning about some of our favourite dancing movies when Jackie brought up the 00s classic Honey.

“Oh that had Jessica Alba in it,” Kyle said. “Remember when Jessica Alba wanted me?”

Kyle then went on to reveal that his life could’ve turned out very differently had he realised that the actress was apparently making eyes at him.

Now before you call bullsh*t, Kyle told us the whole story. He reckons it all started during an interview back in his early days on radio with Jackie.

“Okay settle in guys, gather around,” he began. “So we did an interview and she apparently was going me the eye but I didn’t realise.

“I thought she was beautiful. Thought she was lovely. But I thought I was swept up in Jessica Alba-ness.”

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Kyle continued to explain that after their original meeting, they ran into each other again at the Logies but Kyle blue Jess off.

“Then we ran into each other at the Logies,” he continued. “Then I see Jessica Alba and then she goes, ‘Hey!’. I go, ‘Hey’, but I keep walking. She’s with a bunch of old dudes; movie company types.

“Then six months later Jackie and I were both at the red carpet overseas, in LA at some awards ceremony. Jessica’s running down the back wall past everybody, not talking to any media, and I go, ‘Jessica!’.”

Kyle told us that as soon as she saw him, she came running right over.


“She sees me, stops, comes running right over, talks to us and says to me, ‘You blew me off at that awards show!’,” Kyle said.

“And I thought, ‘Oh my god, I could’ve tapped that!”

“Oh given an inch, you’ll take a mile,” Jackie laughed in response.

Could you imagine that coupling?

Of course we don’t know how true this really is…Kyle does love to embellish for the sake of a good story.We’d love to hear Jessica Alba’s account of this story to compare, thats for sure!

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