Kyle Sandilands often talks about his rather lavish lifestyle on the Kyle and Jackie O show, but his life wasn’t always this way.

Many people would know that the “shock jock” had a rather troubled childhood that eventually led to him being homeless as a teenager, living on the streets and struggling to purchase some of the most basic items.

Having experienced true struggle himself, Kyle has always been dedicated to helping those still doing it tough, and for the first time this year he decided to become an ambassador for Sleep Under The Stars, a charity event created by Stepping Stone House that works hard to make a lifetime of difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Kyle Sandilands Opens Up About His Experience Being Homeless In Emotional Speech

The event was held last Friday night in Sydney’s Hickson Reserve under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to help raise awareness for homelessness it gives participants a chance to experience what living without a roof over your head or a proper meal is really like.


Kyle not only participated in the event to help raise money, but as an ambassador he gave a speech to the crowd about his own story and how his experience being homeless still effects him to this day.

Kyle spoke candidly and left some members of the crowd in tears as he opened up about struggle and his determination to overcome it.

“Most of you would know me as that fat, loudmouth from the radio or from the television, but damn it was a long journey to get here,” began Kyle. “Back in the 80s…I was from a broken home…There was domestic violence and alcohol in my young childhood.

“One day my mum got the courage to walk off with myself and my younger brother and leave that horrible life behind.”


Kyle explained that most of his childhood was spent moving from place to place as he and his family tried to escape the hold of his father. As a result, he was always the new kid, changing primary schools 10 times in just one year and most of his memories from this period were that of living in terror that his father would find them.

Kyle’s mother married another man who actually took care of her but he described him as very strict and eventually the violence would continue, not towards Kyle’s mum but towards him.

“He was very kind to her which I loved but he was also very strict so the violence turned onto me and my younger brother,” continued Kyle. “It was pretty bad when I think about it now. But I still didn’t care because my mum wasn’t being attacked.”

Due to the strict nature of his household Kyle was always well behaved. But one day when his mum and step-dad went on a weekend away he was convinced by his friends to host a house party. When his parents found out he was kicked out of home.

“I was thrown out that night…So I went to every family member’s house and was turned away at the door…So for the next six or seven weeks, I bounced around to a few friend’s houses, living on the couch.

“Eventually they ran out, and I remember the first night I slept on the street,” said Kyle, before describing what life for him was like back in the 80s on the streets of Brisbane and how he managed to eventually get back on his feet.



He finished by saying that even though his story ended positively, there are still far too many people out there doing it tough and this is why it’s so important to him to support charities like Stepping Stone House.

“I think it’s important for people to know that there’s a lot more out there than you would expect and sometimes just lending a helping hand is all some of these people need,” added Kyle. “Just a glimmer of hope to know that someone cares.

“And Stepping Stone House, they’re unbelievable. What they do, and what they’ve achieved for the people they deal with, I wish there was more people like it.”

Listen to Kyle’s entire emotional speech in the video above. And trust us, you’re going to want to grab the tissues before doing so.

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