In this industry, and being known as the resident “shock jock”, our very own Kyle Sandilands is kind of used to being in the centre of controversy. But the drama that arose yesterday with him at the centre was rather unexpected and well, kind of hilarious.

Kyle was explaining to co-host Jackie on air this morning that he had been trying to sleep last night when he all of a sudden heard his phone buzzing.

Kyle Sandilands Has Found Himself In The Middle Of A Major Political Drama Between Pauline Hanson And Sam Dastyari Due To C-Word

As someone who works in brekkie radio, the last thing you want is to be woken up by a text at 11:30pm. And so naturally he thought to himself something along the lines of ‘What fresh hell is this?!’

He checked his mobile and you’ll never believe what it was. Pauline Hanson was texting him! And no, before you start gossiping it wasn’t some random booty call situation… Pauline had a different kind of bone to pick with Kyle.

“At 11:38 last night when I should be fast asleep ready to get up early for you guys, my phone starts going off,” explained Kyle. “And I thought, ‘Who the hell’s texting me at this time at night?’. Everyone knows, do not ring or text that late.

“So I pick up the phone, I look. Pauline Hanson is written on the text message.”


Kyle was understandable confused as to why the controversial politician would be contacting him so late at night. But unbeknownst to him, Pauline had just appeared on Sky News with our mate Sam Dastyari, where the pair had gotten into a heated argument all about the Kyle and Jackie O show and a certain swear word.

“She was spewing because she’d gone on Sky News with Sam Dastyari. Apparently Sam came on this show and was telling us that Pauline Hanson called him the C-word back in the day,” continued Kyle.

“So she’s gone on Sky and taken him to task over it…Pauline sent me the video and everything.”

Basically what occurred was a competition of who can go the loudest between Sam and Pauline as they shouted over the top of one another. Sam maintained that Pauline definitely called him the C-Word while Pauline was adamant that she merely called him a “little prick”.

You might remember a few weeks back that Sam claimed on the Kyle and Jackie O Show that Pauline Hanson had called him the C-Word during a private conversation.

“The only thing she’s ever said to me privately was, she pulls me aside and says, ‘I just wanted to let you know Sam Dastyari, you are and always will be’, am I allowed to use the word c*** on radio?”


Who really knows what the truth is. But hey, they’re both willing to go under a lie detector test. So why don’t we finish this little tiff where it al started? Live on the Kyle and Jackie O show!

Watch the hilarious video of Sam and Pauline’s argument in the video above!

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