One is the ‘shock jock’ radio host on the number one breakfast radio show here in Sydney. The other is a chart dominating singer with a net worth currently sitting in the high millions.

But Kyle Sandilands from the Kyle and Jackie O Show and Aussie Icon Kylie Minogue both appear to have struggled somewhat in their past as they revealed that they have one very surprising thing in common.

Kylie appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning ahead of her upcoming Australian tour in March 2019 when it was revealed that before Kylie struck fame she was struggling to make ends meet.

So much so that she was actually forced to sign up for unemployment benefits!

“Did you hear about Kyle, about Kylie was once on the dole,” mentioned Jackie. “This was revealed over the weekend.”


The now world famous pop-star revealed the surprising fact to Lisa Wilkinson in an interview on The Sunday Project last night.

“I’d finished school and I signed up for the dole,” said the 50-year-old singer to host Lisa Wilkinson.

Kyle was so shocked to find out the strange thing that he and Kylie had in common! Kyle himself struggled earlier in his teenage years after family issues forced him to leave home and live on the streets for a period of time. He too needed to sign up to the dole at the time.

“Oh we were both dole buddies!” he exclaimed.

Kylie went on to explain that while she did sign up for the dole, she was extremely luck in that she never actually had to accept any payments.

“I did sign up for it and then I got a job so I never got a cheque,” Kylie explained.


The job that Kylie is referencing here was actually her role on long running Aussie soap Neighbours, where she played the role of Charlene.

This job kickstarted Kylie’s career and led to her single The Locomotion topping the charts in 1987.

Kylie has since gone on to have a very successful, 30-year-long career with plenty more to come.

So it looks like another thing that Kyle and Kylie have in common, other than their eerily similar names, is the fact that they both overcame diversity only to be “killing it” nowadays, as Kyle would say.


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