It’s not unusual to find various celebrities wandering around our radio station offices but today there was one celebrity that Kyle certainly didn’t expect to see in a million years.

“I’m a little bit thrown. I need to explain to the audience,” Kyle explained on the Kyle and Jackie O show at the beginning of a segment with Beau Ryan.

We had just had a quick song break on the show and Kyle had popped up to the roof for a “ciggy break” as he calls it, when something very strange happened.

Kyle had a run in with his long running arch nemesis – Rove McManus. ANd it was the most awkard thing ever!

Now we bet if you googled ‘Kyle Sandilands feuds’ a lot of names would come up. But without a doubt one of the biggest of all time is his feud with the TV host and former radio rival Rove.

The feud has been going on for years with both appearing to take jabs at each other on their respective radio shows over that time. But today Kyle was left completely gobsmacked when it appeared that Rove held out an olive branch to him.

“We darted upstairs, Jackie and I and Beau…and we were walking past the kitchen and there’s this poisonous smell coming out, some guy in there spraying,” Kyle began to explain.


“I said to Jackie, ‘What’s that smell? It smells like poison’. And then I swing the door open to the stair well and then someone jumps out of the green room and we were all a bit startled.”

Kyle continued to say that the man reached out to shake his hand and wish him luck on his TV show, ’Trial By Kyle’, and it wasn’t until after accepting the handshake that Kyle realised it was his enemy on the other end.

“Being the man of the people I am…I reached out my hand to shake the hand of the person…and as I’m grabbing the hand to shake…I’m looking at the person’s face and it’s Rove McManus,” Kyle explained.

“I almost died. I thought what the effing hell. Why are you here? And why am I shaking your dog hand?”

Well Beau seemed to think that Rove had appeared with the sole purpose of mending his relationship with Kyle. But Kyle wasn’t so quick to accept this theory.

“So are you guys good? That felt like breaking bread. That felt good,” Beau said.


Kyle did say that he was appreciative that Rove was putting in the effort, but he revealed that he’d tried to end their feud once before and it didn’t end well.

“Well he did extend the hand first…I’ve got to say, good on him for reaching out,” Kyle explained. “But I’ve been fooled before. Once before I ended the truce last time and it was all fine but then he started up again because he’s a little bitch and he can’t help himself.”

Well that’s certainly one way to make your Friday morning a bit more interesting! Now we don’t think these guys are going to be best of friends anytime soon, but hey it’s certainly a start!

Watch Kyle’s reaction to the moment in the video above!

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