Oh how we’ve missed a good Kyle rant!

While the gang were only on Easter break for a couple of weeks, a LOT has been going on in that time and so we heard some great stories this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Such as Kyle’s navigation issues while over in America!

Kyle had been constantly telling us earlier this month that he was heading to LA with his girlfriend Imogen to go to the annual Coachella festival.

But while he was busy making all of us who weren’t going to be able to see the likes of Ariana Grande, Kanye West and Billie Eilish perform in Palm Springs super jealous, it turns out, he should’ve been brushing up on his navigation skills!

Kyle had been innocently heading off to the grocery store to fill their house with food for the weekend when he suddenly realised that he was well and truly off track.

While we would usually turn to our maps during a situation like this, Kyle said that the navigation system in his hire car was far too superior for his tech knowledge and so he went from being a little bit astray to being completely lost.


In fact, Kyle was so darn lost that he had managed to drive all the way through the Palm Springs desert and had made his way all the way to the Mexican border!

Not knowing what else to do, Kyle decided to call in some help from Oz. He phoned up his manager Bruno and basically said that he was going to have to help him find his way out of the desert…All the way from Australia!

And Bruno certainly was on dedicated employee, explaining to us this morning how he managed to rescue Kyle from this mess.

“I can tell you how we did it,” Bruno explained. ”Kyle gave me some cross streets that he was at. He was in a small town called Calexico, which is on the Mexican border. If he went another 10 minutes south, he was in Mexico.”

“And it was a 25 minute drive back to civilisation that he had to guide me through,” Kyle added. “It was so frigging annoying. Bruno thank you for saving me.”

“Oh it was a pleasure! Imagine you doing the show from Mexico though?” Bruno laughed.


Oh we can only imagine…

Hear Kyle’s full rant in the video above!

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