Who run the world?

While Kyle might sometimes think the answer is most certainly him, today of all days he was more than happy to answer with a loud and resounding, “GIRLS!”

Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate on the Kyle and Jackie O Show we’ve been talking about the women that inspire us every day.

Kyle decided to take this opportunity to tell Jackie exactly how he feels about her. And it was honestly so beautiful! 

Kyle sent a heartwarming message to Jackie, his co-host for about 20 years now and even presented her with a gift to truly demonstrate how thankful he was to know such a strong and influential woman.

“I know I normally give you quite a bit of sh*t on this show, but I did want to highlight some of the reasons why I do see you as a very inspirational woman in my life,” Kyle told Jackie.


“You know I love Imogen and I talk about her all the time and I bring up my mum from time to time and she went through her struggles as a young mum. Now she’s finally happy as she’s rolling into her seventies,” he continued.

“But you have actually taught me the meaning of loyalty, I’ve known you for like 20 years now… You’ve shown me that being strong isn’t just about physical strength but about emotional strength and standing by what you feel. And you’re inspiring.

“You’ve just taught me a lot and I’ve watched you grow into one of the most confident, strong women I’ve ever met.”

Jackie was already in a bit of shock at Kyle’s sincerely kind words and she was almost in disbelief as he presented her with a beautifully wrapped gift – a diary for both her and her daughter Kitty, as well as a framed photo of the pair.

After thanking Kyle, Jackie then took the opportunity to talk about one of the most inspiring women in her life, her young daughter Kitty.


“I am truly inspired by her,” Jackie said. “I really am everyday. I so amazed at how smart she is, she’s got such a good head on her shoulders, she’s compassionate, kind, she’s just everything I want her to be.

“She’s everything I would like to be.”

What a beautiful moment to celebrate International Women’s Day!

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