Kyle won’t let much stop him from doing what he wants to do.

Our bosses tell him he needs to be off the air at 9:30am? He’ll keep on talking for an extra hour. Someone tells him he’s not on an event list? He’ll walk right on in anyway.

But unfortunately when Kyle wanted to go do an exhilarating experience with his brother Chris, he couldn’t actually go through with it for a pretty embarrassing reason.

And he detailed the “humiliating” moment for us on the air this morning.

Kyle and Chris decided to go out to Eastern Creek to participate in a V8 race car driving experience.

“Did you have fun?” asked Jackie on air this morning.

“Well I did, I thought I’d have heaps of fun but there was a few things that I was disappointed in myself,” Kyle explained.


“Why what happened?” Jackie asked.

“I had all the gear, the helmet and everything on…trying to shoe-horn me into what seems like a big V8 Supercar, like a nice big Ford that you think, ‘Gee he should be able to fit in that’. When you put the roll cages and the race seat and the harnesses and all the other sh*t that’s in it, I felt like a kinder surprise,” Kyle explained.

“You know when you squeeze the toy in the chocolate egg and it barely fits? That was me. I was shoved in this car so tight, I felt like I was in mum’s womb again. There was no air to breathe,” he continued.

Kyle explained that they tried everything to fit him in the car. They took off the steering wheel and his helmet, but he couldn’t quite squeeze in.

“I know, humiliating…My butt wouldn’t fit in the racing seat because the racing seat was so small,” Kyle said.

“Then I had to be ripped, my friends had to pull me out of the car.”


“So you didn’t go racing?” asked Jackie.

“No. I had all the gear on, all the stuff and I think I was there for seven hours. I couldn’t race.

“I was too fat to race,” Kyle admitted.

Aww poor Kyle! We almost feel mean for laughing… But Kyle was a good sport and even he could see the humour in the incident.

Listen to Kyle’s entire experience (and even see some exclusive footage of the moment) in the video above!