Kyle’s been holding his breath all weekend after we announced to him on Friday that we would be bringing a surprise guest on the show to chat with him.

But little did he know that he would be getting MULTIPLE surprises along with this mystery guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.

Its no secret that Kyle is a super fan of pretty much every single cop show ever made, with the top one being Chicago PD. In fact, he’s often told us all that it’s the best show on TV.

And so when the opportunity landed in our laps to give Kyle and ultimate Chicago PD experience, we couldn’t refuse!

The surprise began on the show this morning as Jackie played Kyle a message from Brian Walsh, the head of Foxtel.


A little while ago Kyle had gone on a rant about the fact that Chicago PD has breaks between seasons and as a result no episodes play on Foxtel for a period of time.

He was so riled up about it that he actually called Mr Walsh live on air to tell him off about it.

But today, Brian Walsh told Kyle that he would be able to fix this problem be re-running old episodes and he would actually be putting Kyle in charge of choosing which ones to play.

“Hey Kyle, it’s Brian Walsh here from Foxtel,” he said in the message. “I do know how much you love all the Chicago series but particularly Chicago PD and I know you’re our number one fan.

“I wanted to personally invite you to have a special role to play in the selection of shows we put to air…I would like you to choose your favourite episodes which we’ll put on Universal TV over that break. And we’ll even package it up on air as Kyle’s favourite episodes.”

Kyle was ecstatic with his special task! But this wasn’t his only surprise for the morning.


Part two came in the form of a mystery guest. We managed to actually get on one of the actor’s from Chicago PD to chat to Kyle, Patrick John Flueger who plays Adam Ruzek in the show.

“Oh my god, he’s one of my favourites!” exclaimed Kyle when he found out the news.

After Kyle recovered from his fan-girling moment, Jackie revealed part three of the surprise.

We are actually in talks to have Kyle fly over to America and appear in one of the upcoming episodes of Chicago PD!

“This is the last part of the surprise,” Jackie revealed. “We’ve been working with the producers of Chicago PD for you to fly over and appear in an episode.”

“Don’t bullsh*t me! Don’t lie,” Kyle responded. “Don’t bullsh*t a bullsh*tter. This would be my dream come true. I’d be a cop and a TV star.”


“Yes it’s true,” Jackie replied.

It’s unknown at this point exactly what part Kyle would play in an episode but Kyle certainly has some ideas about what he wants to happen.

“If I could be like the main villain… I want to get killed!” Kyle told us. “I want my head cut off.”

Let’s hope we can make this happen! We have a feeling it would score us a LOT of brownie points with Kyle for a long time. 

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