If you’ve been scouring around Google Maps street view in the Macquarie Park area you might’ve seen a familiar face holding up a certain finger!

So you know how Google Maps gives you the opportunity to look at images of the address that you’ve searched for?

Well the way that they make this function available is by having someone take actual pictures of each area and in the process they sometimes capture certain things happening outside that they don’t mean to.

Well it turns out that when Google Maps collected images of our office building they just so happened to capture the one and only King Kyle Sandilands out the front. And in true Kyle fashion, the photo was taken at the exact moment that he was doing something a little inappropriate.

We might’ve gone our whole lives without ever knowing that this image existed had it not been for one stalker-ish listener this morning!

“You know how you can do a Google Street view, where you can actually type in an address and you can see the buildings?” the caller explained.

“I’m a big fan of you guys and the show and just out of curiosity one day I wanted to see where you guys work, so not a stalker,” he continued.


“So I thought I’d type in KIIS FM Sydney and what came up made me laugh so hard. “I found your building but further to that I found something else. I saw a man in all black who looked very familiar so I zoomed in and it was the great man Kyle Sandilands himself!”

And what was Kyle doing at that exact moment?

“You’re flipping the bird off to the Goggle Maps car Kyle,” the caller revealed.

And low and behold, after a quick search we found the image in question and yep, there he is. Kyle at our buildings car park with a big blur over his hand which was very clearly giving off the bird!

Take a look for yourself below!


Here, let’s zoom in a little… 

We know Kyle doesn’t have social media but if he did we reckon this would make for a great profile pic!

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