Kyle and Jackie are both pretty good sports when it comes to making fun of themselves and each other live on the Kyle and Jackie O show, but today it appears things were taken too far.

Kyle was left fuming on air this morning after co-host Jackie took a stab at his weight, resulting in Kyle jokingly (or so we hope) threatening to report the incident to human resources.

Kyle Calls HR On Jackie For Fat Shaming Him On Air

It all began when Kyle was actually ironically talking shit about Jackie and Brooklyn’s appearances and giving them a rating out of 10. Yep he has no problem critiquing others. It’s just when it gets turned back on him that he has a real issue.

Both Jackie and Brooklyn took it like a champ but as soon as Jackie started taking stabs back at Kyle during one of her O News stories, he lost his cool big time.

“We’ll hear from Michael Buble. You’d understand this, because the fatter you get, he says, the smaller your penis looks,” said Jackie with the slightest or smirks on her lips.

“It’s probably been a while since you’ve even seen yours I’d imagine,” she added as Brooklyn giggled in the background. Ahhh Karma’s a real bitch isn’t it Kyle?


And well, Kyle was so offended that he ended up threatening to quit and call HR.

“What so you’re fat shaming me now?” he asked. “I’m never coming back to work again. Get HR down here!”

Of course we hope he’s kidding but you never know, Beau Ryan could very well be getting the call up tomorrow!