If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s talk about Kyle’s weight. That topic, as Kyle would say is a ‘NO, NO’.

But someone clearly didn’t get this message to world famous documentary maker Louis Theroux before he joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

Kyle was talking to Louis about the fact that some of the topics that his documentaries explore are quite controversial and wondered whether he’d ever received any backlash for them.

This is when Kyle brought up how often when his own name is brought up in the media, people describe him with some not so nice words…

“Portly, loud mouthed,” Kyle rattled off.


“Obese,” chimed in Jackie, to Kyle’s dismay.

The conversation led Louis to ask the one question you should never, EVER ask Kyle. “How much do you weigh?”


“I’m 6 foot 1, 130kg,” Kyle said.

And from there things just went from bad to worse, with Louis poking a bit of fun at Kyle.

“You need to check your BMI! I think you might be clinically dead,” he remarked, before wondering what Kyle’s weight would be in pounds.


“286 pounds,” Jackie calculated.

“We need a new scale, you broke the old one,” laughed Louis in response.

“Oh what an asshole,” Kyle replied.

Don’t poke the bear Louis!

Listen to the hilarious moment in the video above!

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