Our very own Kyle Sandilands has always been adamant that he’s not really interested in having kids anytime soon, but seeing as he has now been with his long term girlfriend Imogen for eight years, it’s the one question that keeps on popping up.

Kyle and Immy appeared together on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show yesterday with Larry and Kylie to discuss their upcoming appearance on MTV Cribs when the hosts asked when they would be taking the next step in their relationship.

And well it was their answers that had people wondering if Kyle and IMogen could actually envision children in their future!

Jackie played the audio from the interview on air this morning during her O News segment, telling Kyle that a lot of people now think that he’s interested in being a father.

“You were on the morning show yesterday, people are talking about how you’re going to become a father!” said Jackie. “You were with Imogen appearing on Larry and Kylie and they asked you about whether you guys are ready to have a child or not.”


“I thought we said no?” questioned Kyle.

But listening back to the audio he realised that it did in fact sound like him and Imogen had left their answer open to interpretation.

After Kylie asked the question during The Morning Show, Imogen responded saying she didn’t have plans right now seeing as she’s still so young, but to give her time.

“I’m still young! I knew where that was going then,” said Imogen. “Give me a couple more years….just give me a few years. I’m 27.

“I’m looking after a big baby as it is at the moment,” she added, joking about her relationship with Kyle.

So while Imogen didn’t deny that it was at all a possibility, it was Kyle’s final remark that left people thinking that kids could definitely be in their future.


“We’ve been together for eight years this year so, it’s time,” Kyle said.

“Oh see you said it’s time, that’s where they got that from,” explained Jackie to Kyle this morning on the air.

Kyle then clarified that they don’t have plans to have children, but if it were to happen then he would consider it fate. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

Well at least that’s what we think he meant…Kyle said it in a much more crass way…

“Well I’ll let a dollop go, like if it takes it takes, if it doesn’t it’s God’s will,” said Kyle.

“Thanks for that information,” laughed Jackie.


Seriously, too much PDA Kyle! But there you go! There’s no plans for Kyle and Imogen to add a a little one to their clan at the moment, unless it’s another fur baby. But hey, it’s certainly not ruled out completely! 

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