LANGUAGE WARNING!!! Kyle Accidentally Drops the c-bomb live on air!

Kyle is known for his pretty explosive behaviour on air. He ain’t known as the ‘Shock Jock’ of the industry for nothing after all!

But while our host has in the past spoken openly about controversial topics on air and has never been afraid to speak his mind, we’ve never seen him do something this inappropriate while broadcasting! And it was all by complete and utter accident!

We’ve probably all experienced a bit of a slip of the tongue during conversation before and so we all would know just how easy it is to say one word when you actually mean to say another.

Well this is what happened to Kyle today, only the repercussions for him are MUCH worse seeing as he’s chatting on a radio show to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

The incident in question went down during Brooklyn’s news this morning. Kyle often finds himself butting in during the middle of a bulletin to throw in his two cents.

Though I bet he wished he didn’t after he completely jumbled up his words and accidentally dropped the dreaded C-bomb (which is basically a radio announcers worst nightmare!)


Brooklyn was telling us all that an Aussie company would be taking over the production of the beloved chocolate Violet Crumble.

Kyle, a fan of the Violet Crumble, went to ask which company it was that was doing this. But instead of saying “which company” it accidentally came out as “which c***”.

Oppsie daisy! Luckily we have a censor working on the show who could beep it out! But if you want to hear the uncensored version, watch the video above! Jackie’s reaction was literally PRICELESS!

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