We had a touch of royalty in the Kyle and Jackie O show studio this morning! And no unfortunately we don’t mean Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stopped by for a quick hello. But we did have the next best thing.

The royal wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex that took place back in May was overall a simply beautiful event, and there are still a number of things that people are continuing to talk about months later.

Kingdom Choir From Meghan Markle And prince harry’s royal wedding performs beyonce’s halo on the kyle and jackie o show

1. How gorgeous Meghan looked in her dress

2. The awesome priest that went on a 10 minute gospel lesson during the ceremony (that clearly wasn’t approved by anyone based on most people’s expressions)

3. The beautiful choir that sang ‘Stand By Me’ during the ceremony


And well this morning we actually got to meet the people behind those voices as they launch their very own album, The Kingdom Choir!

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, they told us just how they came to be part of the royal wedding.

“We had an ex-member of the choir who had a connection with a member of staff of Prince Charles,” explained leader of the gospel singing group, Karen Gibson. “That’s the connection.”

Since the group of 20 members rose to fame after their royal performance, they have decided to release an album titled, ‘Stand By Me’, named after the song that Meghan and Harry personally chose for them to perform at their nuptials.

Today they performed one of the songs from the album live on the Kyle and Jackie O Show; a song that also has a bit of a royal spin to it seeing as it’s traditionally sung by the QUEEN herself, Beyonce.

Listen to the Kingdom Choir singing ‘Halo’ in the video above. It’s truly is angelic! No pun intended…

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