Usually Kyle’s the one bringing up the bathroom chat with out guests. It’s almost his favourite pass time to tell people about that time that Jackie couldn’t hold on any longer while heading to work and had to go to the toilet on the side of the road.

But today when Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show in studio it wasn’t actually Kyle that brought the topic up!

We were taking questions for Kevin and Tiff from kids in celebration of the premiere of their kids film ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’, when one little boy took the segment literally down the toilet.

“I haven’t done this, but have you ever accidentally pooed yourself?” asked seven-year-old Colby.

Now you might think this kind of question might make a celebrity a little uncomfortable. But then you obviously haven’t met Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart as both of them openly admitted that they in fact HAVE had a little bathroom mishap.


And we don’t know which one of them happened at a worse time!

Kevin told us his tale first, explaining in detail the time that he accidentally shat himself during the middle of a performance on stage!

“I’ll be 100% honest with you this was on my last tour, The Irresponsible Tour, we were in Oslo and my stomach is messed up bad coz I ate some bad chicken at the time,” Kevin began to explain.

“I sit on the toilet for like 45 minutes before I go on stage, and I’m praying to God just let this be out, I can’t cancel the show but I’m sick. I’m throwing up. It’s coming out of both ways all day.”

Kevin continued to explain that he went on stage and was pushing through the show, trying to get through it as quickly as possible before something bad happened. But unfortunately, he couldn’t get through quick enough!

“I get to the last nine minutes of my set. As I say a joke, the crowd laughs, my stomach said, ‘I’m ready to get out of here’… I go to tell another joke and I said, ‘Okay, this is going to happen’.


“The best thing to do is just let it happen and just finish the show.”

And sure enough that’s what he did, discretely wrapping a jacket around his waist to make sure no one would notice!

But don’t worry, he wasn’t alone! Tiffany then went on to explain her own bathroom mishap story which just so happened to go down at work too. Only this was before she was a big time actress and she was working at an airport!

“I just turned 21 and that’s when I learned I can’t drink dark liquor,” Tiffany said. “I had my 21st birthday, drank a lot of dark liquor, next day went to work, picked up a suitcase and everything flew out the back door.”

Looks like this kind of stuff can happen to anyone, even the biggest celebrities!

Listen to Kevin and Tiffany explain their hilarious stories in the video above!


the secret life of pets 2 hits cinemas june 20!

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