A rumour that’s been circling the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! reality series for a number of years now has just recently sent fans of the show into meltdown after a photo posted to their official account seemingly confirmed the piece of gossip.

The theory, which we’ll admit sounded pretty unlikely when we first heard it, surfaced about two years ago and basically claimed that the show had been lying about where they were filming.

Julia Morris Addresses One Of I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!’s biggest rumours with kyle and jackie o

It’s advertised that the celebrities that enter the IAC jungle are living over in the Kruger National Park in South Africa for a number of weeks as they compete in gruelling and most of the time disgusting challenges, but some people weren’t convinced.

Nope there are people out there who believe that the actual location of filming is a lot closer to home and actually takes place here in NSW in the Blue Mountains.

And well a recent photo posted to the I’m A Celebrity Australia Instagram account of the show’s hosts, Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris, didn’t do much to dispel the rumours and actually added fuel to the flame.

The image in question was geo-tagged in ‘Katoomba, New South Wales’ and fans were quick to take notice.


“It’s supposed to be in South Africa. Why does it say Blue Mountains NSW?” questioned on fan.

“Why does the post keep coming up Katoomba or tonight Blue Mountains????” asked another.

But instead of continuing to question aimlessly and wonder if the rumour has any truth to it, we here at the Kyle and Jackie O studios decided to go straight to the source.

Early this morning we were joined by Julia Morris, supposedly live from the African jungle, when Kyle and Jackie got straight to the point.


“Our favourite girl Julia Morris, over there in South Africa, or are they really filming it somewhere in NSW,” said Kyle as he introduced the comedian on air.

“Somebody I think accidentally did a location tag, like a post, from Blue Mountains, that’s where it started,” added Jackie. “Why would you bother lying about that?”

Well Julia had the answer. You WOULDN’T bother with such an extravagant lie.

“You’d just never do it,” she said, putting the rumours to rest once and for all.

“Can you imagine how much easier my life would be if we were in the Blue Mountains and I could go home every weekend?” she added.

Too true! So be assured, if Julia COULD make the show set here in Australia, she probably would but that is certainly not the case!


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Channel 10 at 7:30pm.

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