Last night on Married at first sight we saw a second cheating scandal take off as Jessika Power finally kissed her man crush, intruder Daniel webb

The moment came after Jess had entered the dinner party on extremely bad terms with her onscreen husband Mick Gould, following comments that he had made about her family while on his home stay. 

Speaking with kyle and jackie o this morning, Jessika revealed that there was actually much more to the fight with mick that viewers didn’t get to see on TV. 

“There was actually worse things he said to me in that fight that weren’t shown on camera because they were so derogatory,” Jessika revealed to us.

During the fight, viewers saw a tearful Jess detailed some of the cruel things that Mick had allegedly said about her family in an emotional piece-to-camera. 


He said that my father was a drunk and then proceeded to call my brother a f**k head and then said my sister and best friend were f**ked,” Jess said. 

The footage didn’t show the actual fight itself but then cut to Jess telling Mick off for his comments. 

“You don’t talk about someone’s family like that, it’s f**kin’ disgusting,” a furious Jess said. “Up until that I had my heart set on you. You don’t speak to your partner like that … You’re f**kin’ rank.”

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning about the incident that ultimately ended her relationship with Mick for good, Jess explained that Mick’s comments weren’t shown because they were far too disgusting. 

“They had things to do with brothels and things like that,” Jess said about Mick’s comments. 

“Because we’d slept together once and I wouldn’t sleep with him again after he’d broken my trust, he said to me that he was as toey as a roman sandal and he’s that close to going to a brothel,” she explained. 


“And when I said, ‘Why would you do that for?’, he goes, ‘You walk around in your short shorts and your top with no bra on. Of course I’m going to be like, big dog’s gotta eat.”

Jess went on in the interview to reveal details about her current relationship with Dan, whether or not this will play out on the show and even addressed those rumours about Martha dating her brother Rhyce

Hear what really went down in the full interview above!

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