It’s the moment that shocked Married At First Sight viewers as soon as it happened but has been somewhat forgotten about ever since.

The awkwardly brazen moment that Jessika Power decided to pull Nic Jovanovic aside to tell him that she had developed feelings for him, despite the fact that she was still with her onscreen hubby Mick and he was still with his wife Cyrell.

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Nic shuts Jess down. #MAFS

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Nothing really came of the news because Nic brushed it off and said he didn’t feel the same way, but regardless, viewers found it pretty confusing that mere moments later Jess was throwing herself at intruder Dan and has since struck up an affair with him.

So why haven’t we heard anything more about this whole Jess and Nic thing? Well of course we should’ve guessed it, because it just so happened to be something manufactured by producers.

Surprise, surprise.


Jess spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning about the moment she revealed her feelings to Nic, telling us that she was pushed to do so by producers.

“That conversation was actually pushed quite a bit by producers,” Jessika revealed.

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She went on to say that her initial intention with the conversation was to see how Nic was coping in his relationship with Cyrell after the pair had a major blow up.

“We always had really fun banter back and forth. We always got along. Like he was always quite flirty and I was always quite flirty but the conversation was just actually genuinely for me to pull him out and see how he was going with Cyrell,” she continued.

“And then the conversation was pushed.


“We don’t ever get told what to do ever,” Jessika clarified. “But it was sort of like, ‘Why don’t you guys talk about this topic’.”

Hmm interesting. Although let’s be real, what scene haven’t the producers had a hand in manufacturing even just slightly?

Hear Jessika’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O about her experience on Married At First Sight here.

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