Hollywood legend Jamie Lee Curtis might be in Australia right now to scare some brave people silly with the premiere of her new horror film ‘Halloween’, but when she arrived in the Kyle and Jackie O studios she was only leaving us in stitches.

Curtis was chatting with Kyle and Jackie O about her many successful years working as an actress when suddenly she requested one of her favourite songs.

Kyle granted her wish and flicked the tune on, leading to a massive hip hop dancing session with Jamie and our whole team.

Jamie Lee Curtis Dances To Hustlin’ By Rick Ross Live On Air With Kyle And Jackie O

We always knew that Jamie Lee Curtis was a legend but DAMNNN girls got moves!!

Before our entire team started dropping it low with the ‘Freaky Friday’ actress, Jamie was telling us about how she never thought she’d be working this long in the industry.

In fact, she said that when she got a call to do ‘Halloween’ she was on holidays with her hubby.


“I was on vacation with my husband, we were playing golf when the phone rang and Jake Gyllenhaal, who happens to be a close friend and my Godson, who had made the movie with David Gordon Green Stronger, he called me and said David wanted to talk to me about a movie,” explained Jaime Lee.

“Now all of a sudden I’m working. I’m Hustling.”

“I probably every other year go, ‘I’m never going to work again. I’m just never going to do anything…I’m never going to get another gig’. And now I am HUSTLING!” she continued.

Speaking of hustling in the acting biz, this convo prompted Jamie to as us to play one of her favourite songs, and what could possibly be the theme song to her life, Hustlin’ By Rick Ross.

“Please put up Rick Ross, I’m always Hustling,” begged Jamie. Well Miss Curtis, your wish is our command!

As soon as the first few notes of the hip hop song started blaring through the speakers, Jamie was up out of her chair and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. It was pretty much like a flashback to the movie ‘Perfect’ with John Travolta!



Seriously this woman is turning 60 next month!! But nothing will ever slow her down. Watch the incredible footage in the video above.

Trust us, you’re going to be Jamie Lee’s biggest fan ever afterwards (If you weren’t already).

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