UFC President is happily married but if things ever turn south in his relationship he certainly now knows where to turn for a little, uh, action…

Today Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with the ultimate fighting championship boss ahead of UFC 234 ever down in Melbourne with Rob Whittaker and and Kelvin Gastelum when Kyle of course turned the topic of conversation a bit more personal.

Earlier in the morning, while they were teasing the fact that Dana would be coming on the show, Kyle decided to ask whether Jackie would consider getting down with Dana, if ya know what we mean.

It all came about as they were discussing whether or not he was single or married. And well, this is what Jackie said.

“Dana White’s going to be joining us,” Jackie said.

“I wonder if he’s single?” asked Kyle. “Would you go there?”

Without a moment of hesitation this is how Jackie responded.


“Yep!” Before adding, “Oh sorry that was too quick.”

We later realised that Dana is in fact NOT single, but regardless Kyle loves to throw Jackie under the bus. And so he decided to play the moment back for Dana during the chat.

“So Dana in case things don’t go well, you’ve got some Aussie puntang here that’s up for DTF,” Kyle said.

Find out how Dana reacted to the news in the video above!

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