It’s not everyday that you’ll see Kyle and Jackie O being taken off air. But today it happened. And for the most HILARIOUS reason!

The other day, Kyle had an absolute FIELD DAY reading out all of the direct messages that Jackie has been receiving live on air.

Today he decided to keep it going with Part 2 but this time things were taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of dirty… We’re talking SO DIRTY that we were forced to dump the show!

In case you missed it, since Jackie’s been single she’s been hit up constantly on her Instagram account with pick-up lines and seductive comments.

Kyle decided to expose the people behind the messages live on air and while they may have started out pretty darn sexual the other day, we’ll have to admit that today was TEN TIMES worse!

We had women playing to Jackie’s love of sharing baths – We had some clever people writing her salacious poems – And some even went as far to reveal their sick fetishes.

It was all fun and games until Kyle was reading one message aloud that our sensor couldn’t handle any longer.


All of a sudden, we were DUMPED!

See it all go down in the video above!

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