The world of social media can be somewhat of a scary place when you’re a single celebrity in this day and age and this couldn’t be more true for our own Jackie O.

These days you can get in contact with people like Jackie so easily through various social applications like Instagram, in many different ways.

Jackie is constantly getting comments and messages from her fans on her photos. But if you want to see the truly scary stuff? It’s all sitting in her ‘direct message’ section.

This is where many people try to crack on to Jacks with let’s just say some pretty creative ice-breakers and pick-up lines.

Kyle decided to be a bit of a sticky-beak and read through some of the messages live on air. And DAMN they were sexual!


“I was quite gobsmacked reading through these,” Kyle told his listeners this morning. “Some people are really putting themselves out there.”

Well that’s the understatement of the century!

“Yeah I have had a few that were a bit, ‘How ya going’,” Jackie said.

We had people throwing themselves at Jackie and people willing to do anything to take her on a date, but just WAIT until you hear the last one!  It shocked both Kyle and Jackie to their very core!

Listen to Jackie’s DM’s in the video above!