Travelling to Disneyland is definitely a bucket list item. After all it’s the happiest place on earth! But there’s no denying the fact that spending a day at the incredibly popular theme park can leave you a bit grumpy for one reason…the crowds.

While you might enjoy seeing some of your favourite disney characters and watching the shows, the popularity of the theme park means that you’ll be spending the majority of your day weaving in and out of the crowds of people and lining up for hours upon hours for the rides.

As a result, people end up having to spend multiple days at Disneyland just to get through all of the activities. That is unless you’re Jackie O!

Jackie Shares Her Disneyland Hack That Helps You Skip Lines On Rides

Jackie recently took her daughter Kitty to Disneyland and she found an incredible hack that will change the way that you spend the day at the theme park forever!

When a friend heard that Jackie would be taking the trip to the park she let Jackie in on a little known secret that helped her avoid all of the lines on the rides and actually helped her get on every single ride in just ONE day!


“Going to Disneyland is hectic! Super hectic,” said Jackie on air this morning.

“Someone recommended me this woman…she comes with you and there’s two of them actually, two ladies, and they run this business which I think is like on the black market…and you hire her to basically make life easy for you for the day at Disneyland.”

What better way to spend your day at the happiest place on earth than with someone to usher you through all of the crowds and to get you to the front of every line for the rides. Jackie explained that this is exactly what this mysterious woman does for you.

“When I heard about her I was like, ‘Why would I pay this girl money to take me around Disneyland when I can just get a fast pass’… but the fast passes don’t actually really do much at all,” explained Jackie.

“So this woman, she comes with like another lady and we arrive at Disneyland and she’s there. She’s probably about fifty something and she’s wearing a cowboy hat…and we and she knows EVERYTHING about Disneyland. Inside out, back to front, she’s a Disneyland nut.

“And so what they do is they both take turns lining up on your behalf. So you’ll be on one ride, this woman in the cowboy hat she’ll run to the next ride and line up for you and by the time you get to the next ride, she’ll be at the front of the queue and then you just jump in and go on the ride.”


Not only do the women line up in the queues for you, but they also help escort you through the park so that you get from place to place quickly and carry your bags for you, all by simply using a pram.

“You’ll leave the bags in the pram while the other one waits for you to get off the ride,” explained Jackie.

“The one with the pram walks ahead of you because you know how prams make a pathway for you because everyone gets out of the way for the pram. I reckon that’s what she was doing. She was trying to make it easy, we weren’t like bottle necked in queues or anything.”

“It was amazing, it was the best thing I ever did,” continued Jackie. “We got through all the rides in one day and it would usually take you three days to get through them because the lines are sometimes three hours.”

Sounds too good to be true! And well it almost is…if you want in on this secret theme park hack it’s not going to be easy. Jackie explained that the woman, who she refused to name because her business is that secretive, can only be found by recommendation.

“She has no way of finding her online. If you search for her online a porno comes up,” said Jackie. “She has to be recommended by someone who’s used her and you get given her email address and then you hire her.”


Not only is this woman hard to find but her services are also also pretty pricey.

“It depends how many people you’ve got in your group, so it’s anywhere between $700 to $1000,” she continued. “It was worth every cent.”

So unfortunately this Disneyland hack won’t be available to everyone, especially seeing as we can’t even find the woman online, but if you do want to use this woman’s secret service Jackie said she’s happy to provide the email address…for a small fee of course.

So if you’re heading to Disneyland anytime soon, hit Jackie up on Insta and see if you can get your hands on it!

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