If you follow Jackie O on Instagram you’ll know that over the break she was holidaying in Fiji and in all of her pics from the trip it’s not just the island backdrops that make them gorgeous.

Jackie looked AMAZING and if you don’t believe us, have a little peruse for yourself here.

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Ready to bring in the new year (as a third wheel). 🍾🌺

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Now of course we weren’t too surprised to hear that after posting such photos, Jackie had received some rather NSFW DMs in her inbox. But you won’t BELIEVE the saga that’s followed one particularly thirsty message from a listener.

Jackie explained the story on air to the Kyle and Jackie O listeners this morning, telling us that a hot tradie had sent her a message, telling her that she would be his hall pass.

“So I was in Fiji and I was posting a couple of things to Instagram…and then I posted one where I was in my swimmers,” Jackie began.


“And then I was checking my DMs and a guy direct messaged me…his name was Jay Jay…and he said, ‘My wife and I were talking about our picture and just to let you know, you’r my hall pass’,” she continued.

“And I was like, ‘Oh I’m somebody’s hall pass! How flattering!’. I was really flattered by that.”

Jackie went on to say that she didn’t respond to Jay’s initial message but curiosity did get the better of her and she did do a quick insta stalk. And it turns out he’s a pretty hot tradie.

“Very, very hot guy,” she told us.


But still she didn’t respond to the message and didn’t think about it again until the next day when she noticed that he’d commented on her latest photo and actually tagged his wife!

“So he’s tagged his wife Tegan and said, ‘Told you, cracking body. And then she’s responded saying, ‘Looking good Jackie. You’re my husband’s hall pass’,” Jackie continued.

“And so she’s well aware! And so then I respond to them both and I just do the laughing face emoji…Anyway, then he responds saying, ’Thanks guys. Glad we’re all agreed’.”

Cheeky, right? Jackie couldn’t really believe how keen he was and even more so, how okay his wife seemed to be with it!


But this is when things took a really crazy turn. It turns out, that Jay actually has a connection to his hall pass Jackie. And it’s all thanks to a mutual friend Roxy Jacenko.

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“A week later I go to a different place in Fiji and I was holidaying for a week with Roxy,” Jackie explained.

“And every day Roxy and I would be by the pool and we’d be on the sun lounges and she would FaceTime her builder…But they were having like private jokes so they obviously know each other well and have a good friendly relationship.”

Well talk about a small world. Guess who Roxy’s builder was? None other than the guy who has Jackie as his hall pass, Jay.


“It’s the same guy!” Jackie exclaimed.

Jackie went on to say that there’s been on contact since the moment of realisation and explained that there was no way that she would ever go there with a married man, but she was curious to find out whether Jay’s wife Tegan would actually be okay with her being the hall pass if she knew that it was something attainable.

“It made me think about hall passes,” Jackie said. “If you actually were faced with your partner getting to fulfil the hall pass, would you actually let them do it?”

And so we decided to get both Jay and Tegan on the phone to find out where they really stood! And my, oh my it was interesting!

Find out what happened next in the video below!

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